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Online Property Management System


The aim of this .NET Application is to develop an N-Tier ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Crystal Report.

Problem Description:
Aim of this assignment is to develop a web application that can be used to keep track of all the property ads in the country for the purpose of sell, share, rent.
Also, this system should support features such as- accessing the previous ads histories of any property, search for property by name, state, type and other attributes, etc.

1. Duties included design and development using .NET.
2. Documented in UML designs. SDLC model was applied.
3. Feature Property:
o Small (Map, Gallery, Grid View and List View, compare pages)
o Medium (Property Details Page)
4. Technologies/ Languages Used: ASP.Net, ADO.Net, C#, XML, MSSQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, LINQ, AJAX, Google Language Translator, JavaScript

The overall objective of the project is to attract customers who are looking for property management over the website which is exposed to the world’s eye. This will be achieved with following considerations:

• Develop a full functional web based property management where users can place their property Ads.
• Provide customers with content rich and dynamic website that alleviates the property management solutions
• Enabling users to place multiple advertisements for their different property
• Clients will have the flexibility to place an Advertisement or to search for Property which has been placed.
• Enable the users or customers to Manage/Edit/Delete their property details any time.

• Support for providing the users to edit/ manage/ add their property details through an interactive form. Use of AJAX
• Client will have the option for altering the contents of the website through Design or Back Code
• Usability testing of the system

• Web hosting – the space needed for hosting and testing will be provided by the client
• Content for website (text/images) – the client need to look at it for the copyright issues.
• Maintenance of the system after project completion will be clients responsibility
• Usability testing of individual software tools

Online Property Management System main purpose is to overcome problems that our occurring in today’s real Estate industry.

Apart from that we had implemented:

1. Some AJAX controls to any of the above pages.
2. Changed the admin login functionality:
We are storing the admin password in an encrypted format in the database. Now the admin login code is reading an encrypted password.
3. Used the Crystal Report to the project that displays the following statistics:
• Top Advertisers i.e. Users (in terms of how many property ads have they added?)
• A graphical element to the report to visually display the above information

We had also attached all the databases and Stored Procedures that we had used in our Application and some of the related files associated with the Application.

Q1. Which Business Objects have I used?

Ans1. We had used all the Business Objects that are required in the System.
Such as :
1. Advertisement--> Advertisement Business Object (For the purpose of adding Property to the website)
2. ChooseState--> State Business Object
3. Crypto-->Encryption/ Decryption Business Object
4. GetAreafromDistrict-->Area Business Object
5. ManageProperties-->ManageProperty Business Object (Used for Build and management of property ads)
6. Register --> Registration
7. User--> Public Users (Advertisers, Subscribers)

Q2. Why did I choose to create and choose them?

Ans2. We chose to create the above Business Objects because to Seperate the logic from the Application and make the use of:
1. Object Orientedness
2. Code Extensibility

Q3. Explanation of my directory structure.

Ans3. We had used the appropriate directory structures for the Application
1. AccessControls
2. App_Themes
3. BOL
4. DOL
5. ErrorHandling
6. Images
7. ManageAds
8. Properties
9. propImages
10. Public
11. Restricted (Admin Part)
12. UserControls

We had planned to chose these Directory structure in order to seperate the functionality and logic; in order to make the program making more sense to any other user.
1. In Restricted we had implemented all the Admin pages which only admin has the rights to do.
2. In App_Themes we had putten the seperate themes for Users and Admin to make the pages bit different.
3. In Business Objects we had implemented all the Business Objects that are required by the System, such as Advertisement, ChooseState, Crypto, GetAreafromDistrict, ManageProperties, Register, User
4. In DOL we had implemented the Data Logic Layer for every Business Objects Operation with the Database.
5. In Images all the Images are contained.
6. In ManageAds, it supports all the ads build, save, delete options. Usually done by the Users
7. In propImages, there is the uploaded images for the Property
8. In Public we have all the Basic web pages for the system.
9. In User Controls we had implemented all the User Controls or Custom Controls for the Web pages i.e. for Users and Admin
10. In Error Handling we had implemented the Custome Error pages such as "Error 404"

Q4. How many C# coding guidelines have been adopted?

Ans4. We had used all the maximum possible conventions that was applicable to our application.

Q5. What AJAX Controls we had used?

Ans5. We had used:
1. List Search Extender
2. WaterMark Extender
3. Tab Control
4. Drop Down Extender
5. Validation Extender
6. Text Filtering Extender
7. Password Stength
8. Update Panel

TBD – is an Indian based Real Estate company with focus on individuals, organizations looking for online property management.
The company will develop its initial growth with a goal to attract customers through its business and networking; thereby, providing them with customized solutions individually.

The primary aim of the system is to develop a better quality product in the market which is a customer driven information to help landlords to manage their property online over the web & shall able to activate or deactivate any property in their list for Rent, Lease or Sale to enable automatically for search engine to put information on listing or advertising to public. Each property is associated with lots of information in regards to the quality of suburbs, facilities & services in area, land & home properties, people living around the area etc.
Tenants or purchaser can also maintain their profile with list of suburbs interested to live &, produce a report on suburbs & homes for comparison before making decision. So the whole system is customer driven information, which provides real-time data for analysis, report & statistics.

We created this project with the use of latest technologies such as “.NET”, “LINQ Support”, “AJAX” etc. which make the website more attractive and user-friendly and use of the “Google API” for the use of “Language Translator” to be viewable by every kind of person. On the other hand you have to make sure that you have .NET SP1 installed on your system.

You can use our site to buy, rent or share a home; view new home or apartment developments; shop land estates; rent holiday accommodation; find a home loan. You can even search real estate.

* TBD has the most properties in India advertised on its site.
* It will be India's most popular real estate website.
* So many people will use TBD that is has more unique visitors than the next 19 competitors combined.*

The feedback you give us enables us to constantly improve our site.

As well as online advertising, we are planning to provide real estate agents with HubOnline software solutions, web design services and training on online trends.

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